Monday, September 18, 2006

What sleep?

I've started my 12 hour clinical shifts last week. Who knew 5 days in a row would kill me? Actually, tomorrow is my 5th long day. It's not so much that I have worked that many shifts in a row, more like 2 shifts, 1 work shift, 1 shift, 1 full school day (11 hours), and tomorrow 1 shift, then Wednesday will be another long school day ending at 9pm.

So I am officially turning a corner and becoming insane.


At 12:31:00 PM, Blogger ΞЯІПП мІснЄΓΓЭ said...

dude, why are you doing so many?

You only need 1.5 per week...

dont kill yourself over clinical!

At 8:29:00 PM, Blogger Emz said...

wow, I didn't even know you checked this blog page anymore! haha glad you do so we can support each other during our blog days!

and yeah you're right, i was going to do one tomorrow too, but i will only do 2 shifts a week then 1 shift the following week, etc.

plus attend a workshop (the ethics one the RNAO is having) so that will count, hopefully a mt. sinai one (so i can have 8 "professional" hours in total), and of course computer training (which i will count as orientation hours since i didn't have a mt. sinai orientation!)

anyway, so i signed up for that 4th year lab practice thing. i signed up for wound/skin care (because i suck at sterile technique) and IVs. I didn't pick the catheter skills cause it's going to be different with people's penises and vaginas anyway. MEH.

if you are interested or know someone who you think would be interested, it's on the 4th year bulletin board.


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