Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Leadership Exam Day

I finally wrote the exam I've been been ranting about for a few posts now. I wrote it earlier today at 3pm. It wasn't too bad - pretty much exactly the types of questions I expected. So I felt I was prepared for it and I was able to answer all questions without hesitation. Thank God for that because I have been having a lot of trouble this year writing papers. And these were short answer wait, full page questions.

To back it up prior to the exam, I woke up early this morning to study the rest of my readings - and I'm glad I did that recap. At some point, the mailman delivered my new modem. Later on, I walked into the exam with only pens in my pocket. I even had to ask my professor to hold my cell because if I was caught having it on me during the exam, I'd get into trouble. Good thing I trusted my teacher because my phone is $400+!

Afterwards, I walked to the ACC and asked my dad to pick me up from there. I was too lazy to walk to subway station and plus, it was rush hour, which meant that the trains would be crowded. I finally cleared my corner by sending my PC home with my dad. I even managed to sweep and clean off the dust bunnies that have accumulated in this computer corner.

Now I prepare for tomorrow (which is today): study nursing theory, buy card, get paintbrush, meet for evaluation.


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