Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Gotta love being a nurse

Today I received my MRI results from the Stomach Motion study I participated in. Seeing my stomach expand and then empty the food out was so cool! Then I headed over to my clinical placement, where the staff gave me a going away present - they are such an awesome nursing staff! I'll definitely miss working there and being a part of their team. I even had a chance to sit with some of the patients' family members and asked them about their maternal experiences. LOL. I got to the floor early and the nurses were in complete shock that I walked in that early...they were struggling to "wrap" my present when I entered. Hahahaha! So then I sat down in the waiting room and started conversing with the people there and explained to them about my having to study maternity and pregnancy. They shared their experiences and we had a blast. Only me - hehe.

Then I headed home. I wanted to actually do some work at Starbucks across the street but all the tables and seats were taken. So on the way home, I passed by the Chinese/Thai restaurant on my street. In there, I helped out this lady and her mom with directions. Literally 5 minutes later, I'm telling them my life story and career aspirations en fran├žais! Before I know it, I'm sitting with them at the table while they have their lunch and I await my take out orders, which by the way were recommended to me by the lady. All of a sudden, I have the lady's, who happens to be an Ethics University professor, e-mail address in my hand and I'm on my way home.

Honestly, you gotta love being a student nurse. It seems to lifts my personable character much higher than normal and creates these windows of opportunities for me to network with random strangers. Lol. Or maybe it's just me being weird and crazy. Hehe. Regardless...gotta love it!


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