Friday, April 21, 2006

Day 6: Friday of 1st week of exams

Had to wake up early this morning to get started on my "studying" because I realized last night there is a LOT I don't know for the theory exam. I really need to cram fast. I'll have to plan out my weekend or else I won't accomplish anything because I really really don't care to study anymore. The exams were so far apart that I have no motvation. And plus, I am holding an A in that class so it's tough to go any higher than that. I want to maintain that A as my grade though...but I'm the type that likes to claw back up rather than hold a position. For example, when I race in Mario Kart I love fighting for the number 1 spot instead of holding it - it gets boring and it makes me slack off sometimes. I obviously don't want that to happen in real life with my grade, but that is the reality at the moment. I have to do something to fix it.


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