Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Day 3: The day before tomorrow

I am running a few errands this morning.
Buy my Raptors jersey.
Buy Blue Jays tickets.
Pick up train tickets.
Pick up AGO gift certificate.

Ummmm...don't I have a leadership exam tomorrow?
Yes I indeedely-do!
Why the hell am I running errands then?
Because I feel like it!
Don't I have a lot of shit to study still?
Yes indeedely-do!
Then again why am I doing this?
Because...I'm a procrastinating idiot!

Left at 9am this morning.
Deposited money.
Bought my jersey.
Got my tickets.
Bought Jays tickets.
Bought lunch at CN tower.
Had lunch and studied at MTCC.
Picked up AGO certificate at SMH.
Got my ISIC from Rye SCC.
Studied at SCC.
Returned library book.
Studied at library.
Went home.
Got home at 5pm.
Been browsing since then.
Me so tired.
I need a nap.
I still have 8 chapters to read.


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